Egidijus Laužikas



Practice Areas

Settlement of disputes / Civil liability / Obligations law / Transactions law / Family law / Insolvency law / Civil procedure law


Professional experience

Egidijus is a lawyer with more than 35 years of experience. He has gained experience in courts of the Republic of Lithuania. Egidijus has taught civil law at the Department of Private Law of Vilnius University for many years, held seminars for judges, attorneys at law, bailiffs and bankruptcy administrators. He was a member of the Working Group for the Drafting of the Code of Civil Procedure of the Republic of Lithuania. A member of working groups for the drafting of the Law on Bailiffs, other laws of the Republic of Lithuania, drafting of the instruction on the enforcement of judgments, a member of the working group for the improvement of the Code of Civil Procedure, a member of the Supervisory Committee of the Code of Civil Procedure.

Egidijus has completed an internship at the University of Lyon (France, National School of French Judges in Paris, Centre for International Legal Cooperation in Leiden, French National Chamber of Judicial Officers).

He co-authored and published, together with other lawyers, a two-volume textbook on Civil Procedure Law (2003-2005), a three-volume commentary on the Code of Civil Procedure of the Republic of Lithuania (2004-2005), published academic articles and articles on legal practice in specialised periodicals, delivered presentations at international scientific conferences on civil procedural law and judicial activity in Vilnius (2002, 2004, 2010, 2014), Sochi (Russia, 2004), Yekaterinburg (Russia, 2005 and 2006), Kyiv (Ukraine, 2012, 2015), Lviv (Ukraine, 2012).