From 1 January of this year, one of the major changes to the company law regulation over the past year is coming into force – the opportunity for companies to provide shares to their employees and members of their management bodies for free. The Law did not provide for such possibility earlier. The law states that shares shall be granted according to the rules for the granting of shares. The right of initiative for the drafting of such rules is held by the company’s shareholders, a group of its employees, the company’s manager, the board and the supervisory board. The rules for the granting of shares may be applicable for an indefinite period of time or for a specific time limit/until a specific event as stated in the rules.

The abovementioned changes make it necessary for the companies, which do not exclude the possibility of granting shares to their employees, to prepare the rules for this procedure in advance in order to be able to establish an appropriate procedure in the company with due consideration of the interests of all interst groups without haste.