Daiva Gadliauskienė





Dispute resolution / Administrative Law / Criminal Law


Professional experience

Daiva has been practising law for 27 years and has extensive experience in the area of criminal and administrative law as well as dispute resolution. She has gained experience during her practice as a legal counsellor, an interrogator in the interrogation institution, the head of the Tax Recovery and Prevention Division of the State Tax Inspectorate of Anykščiai District, a judge of the District Court of Panevėžys City where the annual stability of the procedural decisions rendered was above the stability average of the decisions rendered by judges of the Republic of Lithuania. She has worked as an attorney for the last seven years. Daiva actively pursues professional development on her own and by participating in the seminars held by the Training Centre of the Ministry of Justice and by the Lithuanian Bar Association.

Diverse experience allows her to defend and represent clients successfully in pre-trial investigation and judicial proceedings, in cases regarding incriminated criminal offences against human life, health, freedom, personal social rights, property, property rights and interests etc., represent natural persons and legal entities in administrative offence and administrative proceedings. She also consults natural persons and legal entities in the area of civil disputes and represents them in judicial proceedings. Daiva has extensive experience in family and inheritance law and keeps improving her qualification in these areas. In consulting and representing clients, she always seeks compromises, flexible and amicable solutions with regard to the specifics of a particular situation and the client’s needs.