Daiva Dumčiuvienė

Attorney / Partner



Practice Areas

Contract Law / Company Law / Personal Data Protection / Information Systems and Registries / Intellectual Property / Public Administration Law / Construction law / Environmental law / Settlement of Disputes


Professional experience

Daiva advises clients operating in the areas of information systems development and support, real estate development and construction, insurance, finance, and waste management on legal and corporate matters. Daiva also provides legal services to public authorities by conducting regulatory and personal data protection impact assessments and assisting in drafting legislation. She graduated from Faculties of Law and Philosophy at Vilnius University, as well as Maastricht University’s program for personal data protection and cyber security and holds a data protection certificate from the European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA). Daiva worked at the Ministry of Justice, the Lithuanian Chamber of Notaries and in major Lithuanian law firms.


Major projects

  • Legal research “Fitness check of manufacturing sector and the assessment of regulatory burden”, Ministry of Economics and Innovation.                                      Project law expert, co-ordinator. 

  • Legal research “Fitness check of chemicals regulation and regulatory burden on economic undertakings, proposals to reduce the burden”, Ministry of Economy. Project co-ordinator.
  • Legal research “Study on minority shareholders protection”, European Commission. Expert. Analysis of the right of minority shareholders to information in 28 EU Member States.
  • Legal research on e-health information system regulation in Lithuania. Expert. Analysis and drafting of legislation (around 30) on the creation of the Register of Patients to replace the electronic information e-health system.
  • Legal study “Agreements on exclusive rights to provide register data”. Project manager. Analysis of Directive 2013/37/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 26 June 2013 amending Directive 2003/98/EC on the re-use of public sector information and its of transposition into the Lithuanian law.
  • Project of modernising the protection of objects of copyright and neighbouring rights used in retransmission operations. Legal Part. Expert. Legal analysis of transmission and retransmission operations (in the legal regulation systems of electronic communications and copyright), identification of legal problems, proposals for the improvement of legal acts.
  • Ex-ante impact assessment of the draft Law on promoting innovations on business conditions. Expert. Thorough ex-ante impact assessment of the draft Law on Promoting Innovations of the Republic of Lithuania (hereinafter – the LPI) in order to improve the legal regulation of innovation promotion taking into consideration the issues identified during the impact assessment, the conclusions and proposals made. The services provided included: identification of the problems in the existing national regulation of innovation promotion and of the objective to resolve the problem; consultations; status quo impact assessment; ex-ante impact assessment of the LPI.
  • Legal study of alternative education in Lithuania, drafting of development guidelines and new legal acts (legal study of innovations in education). Project co-ordinator. Legal study of alternative education regulation and alternative education development guidelines (strategic document), as well as five legal acts (draft description of the procedure for productive training arrangements; draft of the amendment to the rules for the development of the network of schools delivering formal education programmes; draft of the amendment to the description of the forms of studying under formal education programmes (except for programmes of higher education studies) and training arrangement procedure; draft of the amendment to the procedure for work remuneration of employees of educational institutions and pedagogical staff of other institutions; draft of the amendment to the list of positions when work is considered as pedagogical work). Study of the concept of alternative education in formal and non-formal education, legal regulation of alternative education in Lithuania (existing situation), environmental factors, experience of foreign states (Finland and Estonia) and directions for changes in the regulation of legal alternative education regulation. The draft Alternative Education Development Guidelines is a strategic document approved by the Minister of Education and Science. The legal study of legal education was commissioned by the Education Supply Centre in the project “Alternative Education” financed by the ESF under the Human Resource Development Operating Programme and by the budget funds of the state of the Republic of Lithuania. The objective of the Project – to develop alternative education, implement its ideas, introduce alternative education forms and consistently improve schooling.
  • Assessment of the compliance of legal acts regulating non-formal education of children and the drafting of legal acts. Project manager. The Project was carried out in 2 stages. During the first stage, approximately 20 draft legal acts were drafted for the implementation of the experimental model of financing the non-formal education of children in the municipalities participating in the project. During the second stage, an analysis was provided of the effective legal acts and proposals were provided for their amendments to apply the experimental model in the whole Lithuania, the legal acts necessary were drafted. The information system of non-formal education of children has been developed; it compiles data about the suppliers of non-formal education, the students they educate and the financing of these institutions, the regulations for the information system and safety have been drafted.
  • Assessment of the impact of EU instruments related to the child’s rights focused on the level of protection and promotion of children’s rights in the European Union. Project No. JLS/2008/FRAC/PR/1006-30-CE-0306544/00-11: 03/05/2010 Expert. Study of the regulation and application of the rights of children in the EU Member States and in the UN operations, comparative analysis of the measures in all areas of the protection of children’s rights in EU Member States, developed selection criteria for two case studies, identification and assessment of all EU and UN actions.